Service + Repair + Maintain

The right HVAC service partner is essential to your business. Matrix HG employs highly-trained service technicians to service, repair, and maintain all types of commercial and industrial heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment. Call Matrix’s HVAC Service Department for a detailed, no-cost evaluation of your current system.

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Engineering + Construction

We act as prime contractor, managing coordination of project from engineering, coordination of multiple subcontractors and self-perform mechanical and some electrical scopes of work.

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Direct Digital Controls (DDC)

Matrix works on all types of controls systems and provides solutions for new construction and servicing existing systems.

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Contact Matrix HG before you start your next design-build or HVAC retrofit project. We can identify optimal cost-saving avenues, inform you of cash incentives and rebates for which you may be eligible, and help you with the application process.

Design + Build

Matrix HG will work with you to develop the highest-performing new site design and construction for commercial, industrial, residential and mixed-use buildings. Matrix HG maintains close relationships with energy companies who offer energy rebates. Our engineering and design teams are qualified and experienced in project analysis, feasibility studies, design engineering and installation of high-performance, energy saving systems that can save you money and qualify your facility for rebates and cash incentives. Matrix is experienced with the special criteria, phases and requirements demanded in energy-efficient designs.

Matrix has close relationships with PG&E in the energy rebate and project analysis departments and has been involved with several energy retrofit projects involving feasibility studies, design engineering and installation. Matrix utilizes a team of design professionals that is experienced with the special criteria, phases and requirements demanded in energy-efficient designs.

Call us today at 925-459-920 to schedule an analysis of your facility and learn how you can qualify for available rebates