Matrix HG’s construction team has deep experience installing every type of mechanical and process system in nearly every type of facility. When your project is already designed and engineered, Matrix is prepared to implement your design. Working from your drawings and documents, Matrix will estimate your project and value-engineer when appropriate. Matrix’s team of project managers and technical crews will execute your project to our high-standards, with your project requirements and satisfaction as our goals.


These projects range from simple package unit installations to the most complex, High tech systems. We utilize all available duct materials, including galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, black iron, and many exotic materials used in the high tech sectors for complex chemical exhaust and scrubber systems. All shapes of ductwork are used, including rectangular ductwork as well as round and oval. Occasionally, odd shapes are required for special projects, such as triangular shaped ductwork. No duct job is too complex for Matrix’s sheet metal crews.


We are experienced pipe fabricators delivering quality process piping systems specially designed to suite the needs of an array of manufacturing processes and industrial applications and to meet health and safety standards. We specialize in installing industrial piping systems and factory components to meet government inspection regulations. Utilizing innovative procedures and modern equipment in a seamless pipe manufacturing process, our high purity process piping division consistently exceeds clients’ specifications in techniques and quality for industrial piping.


Start-up, test, and air/water balancing services. Central to our commitment to the life cycle quality of your building mechanical systems is our formidable start-up and service/maintenance department. Design and installing HVAC and Plumbing systems in today’s construction industry is challenging enough; Commissioning systems to proven performance, and ensuring their performance afterwards, is of equal challenge and importance. Matrix stands ready to protect your investment through experts in all facets of system start-up, warranty service, and ongoing maintenance services.