Our highly-trained technicians service and maintain all types of commercial, industrial heating, ventilating, air-conditioning equipment. If a problem arises outside of normal business hours, our Service Department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can dispatch a qualified technician within minutes to diagnose and repair breakdowns in comfort or process systems.


Periodic Maintenance is the single most important activity needed to protect the investment in your mechanical assets.  Maintenance Service ensures the efficiency of your mechanical systems and maximizes the life of your equipment.  Matrix provides the highest quality maintenance service under flexible plans that best serve your building and equipment needs and GUARANTEES service lead times and 24/7 availability.


Matrix’s skilled service technicians and vehicles are equipped with the latest tools, diagnostic equipment, supplies and inventory to get your HVAC system up and running quickly. We also maintain equipment that can be installed temporarily while we effect repairs on your existing system if necessary. When performing repairs or regular maintenance on your HVAC system, if a Matrix technician finds that an equipment repair or replacement is imminent, we will provide a full evaluation and estimate so that you can schedule and budget accordingly, to identify:

  • Which systems or components are likely to fail or need maintenance
  • A full cost estimate
  • When updating the system and/or component parts might provide cost-savings from factors like:
    • improved performance
    • eliminating repeated maintenance on older systems
    • ongoing cost-savings through energy-usage and/or rebates
  • When we believe that a repair of the existing system will be more cost-effective than a replacement, upgrade, or modernization
  • As early as possible, when we notice that a system may need extensive investment for replacement or repair


Our robust HVAC talents and resources are unique in the industry.  Not only can we provide routine maintenance and repairs, but we can diagnose mechanical issues and even self- perform the most complex Mechanical Retrofits.  These retrofits are quickly and efficiently completed using all in-house engineering, sheet metal, piping and all labor resources.  Included in these mechanical retrofits are upgrades or total replacements of all equipment including chillers, compressors, cooling towers, air handlers, fan walls, boilers, etc.