Boiler Retrofit

The Project:

Matrix HG was hired to replace two boilers and heating coils, as well as updating the control system without impact to the tenants in this two-building, 234,000 square foot premier office complex.

Project Highlights

The Hurdles:

During cool weather, the equipment servicing these buildings had historically struggled to keep the building warm. As always, doing major renovations without disruption to resident businesses and their customers a challenge that requires precision planning, engineering, orchestration, timing, and execution.

The Matrix Solution:

As part of this boiler project, Matrix designed new heating coils. We designed high delta T coils to increase the heating capacity and efficiency of the heating system. The advantage of this system is that it reduces water flow rate per ton, which can only be achieved by careful selection (in this case, Matrix’s custom design), and control valves.

Matrix originally installed the direct digital controls (DDC) in both buildings about two years prior to this upgrade. Installing new boilers allowed Matrix HG to connect the DDC controls directly through Bacnet (building automation and control networks) to the boilers. This allows us to reset the temperature of the boiler based on building demand.