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HVAC Service, Repair, Maintenance

Commercial and industrial HVAC service, repair, and maintenance is at the heart of what we do at Matrix HG. Serving San Francisco, North Bay, East Bay, San Jose/South Bay, Sacramento, Napa/Wine Country, and Sonoma/Gold Country, we keep your installed systems functioning optimally and safely, delivering the greatest cost-control.

Our highly-trained technicians service and maintain all types of commercial, industrial heating, ventilating, air-conditioning equipment. If a problem arises outside of normal business hours, our Service Department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can dispatch a qualified technician within minutes to diagnose and repair breakdowns in comfort or process systems.

To expedite service, we equip every member of our HVAC Service Department with combination two-way radio/cell phones for dispatching and instant communication to meet the demands of your fast-paced business. We also equip every service vehicle with GPS and the latest tools, diagnostic equipment, supplies, and an extensive parts inventory.

Additionally, Matrix HG has relationships with local supply houses, so if you require a special part during an emergency repair, we have access to their inventories even outside of business hours.


Our clients everywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area know that they can call on Matrix HG for emergency service or repairs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether or not you are an existing Matrix HG customer, we’re here for you any time of the day or night. Call 925-459-9200 and put the Matrix HG team to work to maintain the health, safety, and efficiency of your commercial building or vessel, and to avoid or minimize disruption to your business.

If your property has suffered damage from flooding, fire, earthquake, other catastrophe, or a system breakdown due to age, wear-and-tear, or merely a system malfunction, call the HVAC and commercial construction experts at Matrix HG.

In Case of Emergency…

Matrix HG maintains low and high-capacity heating and cooling systems for use in emergencies. We can install temporary chillers and boilers for any process within a commercial, industrial, office, or residential complex during system-wide shut-down or equipment failure. In addition to emergency HVAC system repairs, our customers rely on us for general building maintenance and repairs, both planned and during emergencies. Our staff are experts in commercial-building design and construction, systems, and materials. Beyond the basics, we are experts in sophisticated systems within commercial structures and the interconnectivity between systems.

Our expertise includes:

  • Building construction and structural safety
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Venting and ductwork
    • Advanced and computer-controlled systems, such as:
    • Security/alarms
    • Lighting
    • Fire safety (alarms, sprinklers, advanced fire-extinguishing systems)
    • HVAC (naturally)
    • Drainage
  • Flooring
  • Safe-handling of asbestos-containing materials
  • And others

Call Matrix HG. We can solve the whole problem…not just a piece of it.
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Matrix’s skilled service technicians and vehicles are equipped with the latest tools, diagnostic equipment, supplies and inventory to get your HVAC system up and running quickly. We also maintain equipment that can be installed temporarily while we effect repairs on your existing system if necessary.

When performing repairs or regular maintenance on your HVAC system, if a Matrix technician finds that an equipment repair or replacement is imminent, we will provide a full evaluation and estimate so that you can schedule and budget accordingly. Our detailed evaluation will be provided at no cost to you and is usually delivered within one business day.

To prevent costly shutdowns or disruptions to your HVAC system, let Matrix develop a customized HVAC maintenance program suited to your specific cost and performance requirements.

Contact Matrix HG for a detailed evaluation of your current system. Although this is a time-intensive and detailed service, we do it at no cost to you, whether you are a new or existing Matrix customer. For a description of what’s included in our evaluation, as well as additional information about proactively maintaining your HVAC system, see Predictive & Preventive Maintenance. Call us at 925-459-9200 to request your system evaluation.


When it comes to critical infrastructure, no one likes surprises. The best way to prevent surprises is to have ongoing preventative maintenance to keep your HVAC systems performing optimally for the life of the equipment and to replace outdated systems or components before they fail.

Contact Matrix HG for a detailed evaluation of your current system. Although this is a time-intensive and detailed service, we do it at no cost to you, whether you are a new or existing Matrix customer.

HVAC System Evaluation

When performing regular maintenance, a Matrix technician may detect that a needed equipment repair or replacement is imminent. If this occurs, we will provide a full evaluation and estimate to help you schedule and budget for needed repairs. As in everything we do, we go above and beyond what is minimally-required in delivering this service. Beyond just letting you know about anticipated maintenance, Matrix HG provides a thorough evaluation that will also tell you:

  • Which systems or components are likely to fail or need maintenance
  • A full cost estimate
  • When updating the system and/or component parts might provide cost-savings from factors like:
    • improved performance
    • eliminating repeated maintenance on older systems
    • ongoing cost-savings through energy-usage and/or rebates
  • When we believe that a repair of the existing system will be more cost-effective than a replacement, upgrade, or modernization
  • As early as possible, when we notice that a system may need extensive investment for replacement or repair

Matrix’s HVAC system evaluation helps you plan for needed improvements well in advance of an anticipated system failure.

We provide this detailed report to you within a day of our site visit – at no cost to you! We go the extra mile to help our customers to manage costs, optimize HVAC system performance, schedule maintenance, avoid system failures, and mobilize our teams quickly in response to emergencies. Because of this, we are proud to be part of our customers’ continued success.

If you’re not already a Matrix HG customer, call us today and see what a difference we can make – in the performance of your HVAC system and in your bottom line. Call us at 925-459-9200.