Direct Digital Controls

DDC Direct Digital Controls

Direct Digital Controls (DDC) give you the power to better manage your energy usage and costs. Matrix works on all types of controls systems and provides solutions for new construction and servicing existing systems, throughout the Bay Area, Napa/Wine Country and Sonoma/Gold Country. Contact us to learn how our DDC service team can increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

HVAC Control Systems Servicing
  • DDC – Direct Digital Controls service
  • We service pneumatic, stand-alone, and digital controls systems
  • Brands we service include: Johnson Controls FX, Johnson Controls Metasys, Honeywell Webs, and Tridium AX
  • Field protocols including BACnet, LON, Modbus, and Carrier CCN
  • Installation in new construction and upgrades
  • Existing system service and maintenance
  • We install exclusively open, non-proprietary DDC systems
Why Upgrade to a DDC System

Your greatest opportunity for reducing fixed costs in commercial buildings, hospitals, and schools is controlling energy expenses. The cost for upgrading to a Direct Digital Controls system with Matrix HG is straightforward: Direct Digital Controls give you accurate energy management, which can result in dramatic cost savings on your monthly energy costs, and can make you eligible for energy rebates.

How DDC Systems Work

DDC systems use electronic rather than pneumatic sensors, enabling higher degrees of temperature control accuracy, leading to significant energy savings. Because DDC systems are networked together, all parts of the building relay data to the system that determines the exact amount of location-specific heating or cooling needed.

Knowledge is Power

A Matrix-installed, open-source DDC system gives you improved data analytics and troubleshooting capabilities. Our DDC systems include data management and analysis tools, identifying trends for critical or problem areas, enabling you to make future improvements. Included DDC alarms and notifications alert the operator to a problem before a tenant becomes uncomfortable. Ongoing service by Matrix HG service contract insures that your data is analyzed by the experts and that you achieve optimum energy control and cost-savings.

Comfort is Key

Increasing the comfort and safety of the building’s occupants is our priority, because we know it is your priority. Stable and comfortable climate control impacts tenant longevity, increased health, and increased productivity in commercial settings, all of which positively affect your reputation and your bottom line.

Why Matrix HG

Matrix HG Installs Open Systems

Some companies install only proprietary systems, which means that only the manufacturer’s servicers can work on them. Matrix HG exclusively installs open, non-proprietary systems. The “open” concept is at the heart of the Matrix controls ideology, because it puts the choice of servicers back in your control.

Superior Servicer Knowledge

Direct Digital Controls servicers are typically trained only in computerized controls. Matrix’s DDC servicers’ skills include the full gamut of HVAC systems and their components – mechanical, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration – in addition to extensive training in computerized control systems. The result is superior planning, expert installation, and the knowledge that you need to contact only one servicer if a problem arises – Matrix HG.