Engineering Philosophy

HVAC Systems Engineering

Matrix HG’s “quality first” philosophy is one of the many reasons our customers choose us as their long-term HVAC partner. This philosophy is evident in our HVAC systems engineering as in all areas of our business. Matrix partners with commercial HVAC systems engineers who are uniquely experienced in real-world, energy-efficient design, so that every job works in the field, not just on paper. In addition, we carefully match our engineers to projects based their expertise relative to the requirements of each specific job.

Precision Takes Time, Saves Money

Building owners and managers – and even HVAC services providers – may take for granted that if an engineer’s name is stamped on a set of drawings, the designs must be correct. But Matrix HG knows that “engineered job” is a general term. So while it may be faster initially to allow an engineer to present calculations and job specifications so that they work out on paper, Matrix HG insists that all calculations (such as voltage, weight, air exchange, size of connections, clearance around new equipment, etc.) are verified before the drawings are approved. The extra time and effort up front greatly reduces change orders or complications in the field.

See our Engineering + Construction page for more details about Matrix’s HVAC systems engineering services, qualifications, and commitment to quality.